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Wines of Armenia Store: When Armenian wine becomes available in any corner of Europe

To have Armenian wine on their holiday table Armenians and Europeans living in Europe just need to make a few “clicks”.

If a few months ago you had to ask your friends, relatives to send you wine from Armenia or look for it in specialized stores, today Winesofarmenia.store online platform will deliver your favorite Armenian wine to any corner of Europe. The delivery takes just 1-3 days, because the wines are sent not from Armenia, but from a single logistics warehouse set in Berlin.

The online platform is just one component of Wines of Armenia big project. It is implemented by GIZ and the Vine and Wine Foundation of Armenia with the support of the ACBA Federation.

“Wines of Armenia has three components: the first is the single logistics center for Armenian wines in Berlin, the second is Winesofarmenia.store online sales platform, and the third is the customer service center that answers any questions about shipping and wines,” Sirvard Amatuni, “Private Sector Development and Technical Vocational Education and Training in the South Caucasus” Programme Expert (GIZ), says.

The project was launched in 2018, and in 2019, the issue of having a single center for Armenian wines in Europe arose. It has become obvious during the pandemic, that without having a single warehouse on the ground, logistics becomes a serious problem making it difficult to work with distributors in Europe.

“During the pandemic offline sales also became impossible, raising the need to create an online sales point. From December 2021, Winesofarmenia.store began to operate. One of its key goals is to help small and medium-sized high-quality wine producers reach the European market. It would be very difficult to do this individually, because EU-based distributors prefer to work with large producers,” Sirvard Amatuni says.

Image by: Wines of Armenia Sirvard Amatuni

She notes that not only Armenians living in the EU countries, but also Europeans buy from the platform. Winesofarmenia.store is available in five languages: Italian, German, French, English and Russian.

“Tourists, returning to their country, can order it through the Wines of Armenia platform, have it at home or present it to friends. According to this year’s data, the German market is the leading one here, followed by French and UK. Both Armenians and Europeans are among buyers. For the latter, Armenian wine is a pleasant, “exotic” discovery.”

From December 6 to January 6, Winesofarmenia.store offers a 10 percent discount on most of the wines.

The ACBA Federation supported GIZ and the Vine and Wine Foundation in the creation and promotion of the platform.

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“The goal of our organization is to support the development of innovative agriculture in every possible way. Unfortunately, today the average age of agricultural workers in Armenia is 60. To be competitive in the world, young people should be involved in the processes. In this regard, the goals of the Wines of Armenia project go in line with our priorities,” Harutyun Poghosyan, General Director of the ACBA Federation, says.

He notes that at their initiative, marketing was carried out in the EU territory to increase the recognition of Armenian wines and their online sales platform.

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Another way to make Armenian wines known in Europe is to participate in international exhibitions. Here, too, the Wines of Armenia platform has its functions.

“If previously wines for expos were transported from Armenia, which was rather complicated and expensive, now it is possible to deliver wines for exhibitions from the logistics center in Berlin,” Sirvard Amatuni says.

She noted that the Wines of Armenia project also organizes educational events and tastings. On November 24-26, such an event was held in Germany.

“The main target was the Armenian community, because in most cases the local Armenians are not familiar with Armenian wines either. After the tasting, they can become “ambassadors” of our wine and spread it among their fellow Europeans.”

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The most important criterion for being presented at Winesofarmenia.store platform is the quality of the wine.

“The fairest mechanism to check it is the blind tasting, which we carry out together with the Vine and Wine Foundation. Wines are evaluated by producers knowing only its color and grape variety. The platform presents those wines that get 85 or more out of 100 points,” Sirvard Amatuni says.

Two blind tastings have been held since the launch of the project with the assortment of the online platform being regularly updated with the results of the new tastings. Today, more than 100 Armenian wines from 21 producers are available at Winesofarmenia.store.

Image by: Wines of Armenia Blind tasting of wine

“Wines of Armenia not only makes the wines presented on the online platform more recognizable, but also contributes to the spread of Armenian wine in Europe and the world,” Zaruhi Muradyan, Executive Director of Vine and Wine Foundation, says.

“We can say that this platform is the face of Armenian wines.”

The Director of the foundation notes that the labels of all wines sent to Europe are translated and adjusted to the necessary standards.

Image by: Wines of Armenia Zaruhi Muradyan

“One of the important features of Winesofarmenia.store is that we manage to ensure a direct connection between the wine producer and the buyer. Every month reports on sales details are sent to the companies for the producers to understand who their buyer is, from which country and what he/she mainly orders,” Zaruhi Muradyan says.

Yana Shakhramanyan

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