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The organic wines of Armenia Wine got gold medals in 2 international competitions

Armenia Wine Company recently brought 2 gold and 2 silver medals to Armenia from the German "Organic Wine Awards International" and the French "Concours International des Produits Biologiques" competition. With the history and recognition in the wine industry gained through decades, professional juries taste hundreds of wines every year to find the best organic wine around the world.

The white dry wine of BioNe organic wine of Armenia Wine Company brought 2 gold medals to Armenia for the first time, ranking Armenia among the best in the field of organic winemaking. The red dry wine, which has been enjoying the sympathy of both experts and wine lovers for several years, won 2 silver medals.

- Receiving gold and silver medals from the very first attempt in the "Organic Wine Awards International" and "Concours International des Produits Biologiques" competitions is a real honor not only for Armenia Wine, but also for Armenia, and testifies to the quality of our wines, mentiones the chief consultant of "Armenia Wine" company, French winemaker Jean-Baptiste Soula.

To the question of what is the secret of the company's continuous success, the French winemaker answers:

- Armenia is a blessed environment for organic viticulture. It is this harmonious relationship between our dedicated team and the fertile soil of Armenia that allows us to grow endlessly.

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And let's not forget our companions, a team of 80 sheep who work tirelessly in the vineyards every day, ensuring our vineyards remain pristine, even on weekends.

"Armenia Wine" company started the cycle of organic viticulture in 2017, planting the first organic vineyards in Aragatsotn region: today, the total area of the company's organic vineyards reaches 80 ha, which is the largest organic vineyard in Armenia. And what was the motivation for "Armenia Wine" company to start this complex and challanging phase?

- Our company is not only the largest wine producer, we are a living body with deep-rooted philosophy and culture, and we consider ourselves more than just a business. "Armenia Wine" company is a socially responsible organization that is aware of its impact on the environment, community and state: so for us, switching to organic winemaking was a natural progression. Years later, I can proudly say that we have the honor of being the only producer in Armenia with ECOCERT organic certification.

Our mission does not end here. We strive to set an example by inspiring other producers to start organic winemaking. We are also ready to share our knowledge and experience with the great hope that together we can create a healthier and more sustainable future for Armenian wine industry.

Double gold medal winner BioNe white organic wine will soon be available in the best stores in Armenia. The company's French consultant tells about BioNe white wine with great admiration.

- I have to admit that the exceptional quality we got from the French Viognier grape variety surprised me. In making this wine, we made a deliberate choice to harvest the fruit at an early stage. This decision was due to our desire to keep the fresh image of BioNe wine with floral, fruity bouquets: as a result, we created a wine that embodies the essence of spring. I really hope that the Armenian wine lovers will like BioNe white as much as the international professional jury liked it.


Organic Wine Awards International

The vision of the German competition is as follows: organic is more than just a label. It is an attitude.

This competition requires great responsibility from the winemakers, and it leads to a result that can only be obtained from a respectful and skillful contact with nature.

Over the past 15 years, the competition has become an important event for international viticulture. The organizers of the competition know what winemaking is and what are its challenges. They treat each wine with the utmost respect and appreciation that the participating wines deserve.

Concours International des Produits Biologiques

A competition promoting organic philosophy to excellence, the participants of which are evaluated by a professional and uncompromising jury;

The international competition held in France gathers the best samples of organic products from all over the world, the best experts in the field decide the winners.

The competition has a 30-year history and guarantees impartial tasting conditions.

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