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ARARAT Honey: The “romance” of brandy and honey

The big family of drinks of Yerevan Brandy Company has been replenished with ARARAT Honey which belongs to the innovative ARARAT Flavor range. Masters of Yerevan Brandy Company worked on the creation of ARARAT Honey almost ten years, bringing to perfection the interplay of brandy and honey thanks to careful study, complex formulas and human emotions.

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Journalists invited to the tasting of ARARAT Honey had the opportunity to get to know the features of the drink and discover some secrets.

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During the meeting at Mina Restaurant, ARARAT Honey was served in a Spritz cocktail as an aperitif, in a pure form with the main course and with ice with dessert.

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With 30% ABV and pronounced taste of honey, the drink surprisingly harmonized with salmon, meat and ice cream.

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“Today we have a product that stands out but goes fully in line with the characteristics of ARARAT, and by merging with Armenian honey, creates a new facet for presenting Armenian generosity, harvest, and for conveying our warmth to the world.

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This project has passed a long way. We started discussing the notion of ARARAT Honey about 10 years ago. During this time various studies and tests have been conducted. Finally we have achieved an amazing result that really satisfies us,” said Sergey Khachatryan, Yerevan Brandy Company COO.

“One of the goals of the ARARAT Flavor range (ARARAT Apricot, ARARAT Coffee, ARARAT Cherry - ed.), launched in 2019, was to involve new, young consumers. Though many of us preserve conservative approach and have the commitment to be represented with the same taste and flavor, we need to – preserving the 135-year-old traditions – keep up with the time, look for new directions that will contribute to the consumption of brandy.

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Today we have many reasons to be proud of our fantastic products, as evidenced by the first awards at international competitions, double-digit growth in sales of the classic series, as well as by our presence in the markets of 50 countries of the world. We should seek to make sure that ARARAT Honey also follows this path of success, finding its consumer,” added Sergey Khachatryan.

Hamlet Antonyan, Head of Production of Yerevan Brandy Company, presented the peculiarities, distinctive features of ARARAT Honey and the process of creation of the drink.

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“The initial reason for creating the innovative series of ARARAT Flavor range was the notion to interplay the Armenian honey and brandy. Just like brandy, honey is a unique gift of nature, which is also born in the process of “blending” of the nectars of various flowers and plants. Ten years ago it was a very innovative idea.

The ARARAT Honey formula has been revised many times. There was a moment when we stopped all research and started from scratch. We had to consider everyone’s opinion to find a honey the taste and flavor of which would be perceived not only by the Armenian consumer. To ensure it, we also involved our foreign specialists and partners to help us find that golden mean that characterizes the familiar “honey” idea.

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As a result, primary honey from flower, alpine fields has been chosen and a concentrate formula has been developed to ensure the constant flavor of the product. This drink has other ingredients that play the role of second or third violin, becoming one of the facets of the interplay of brandy and honey. The whole idea was that, being two self-sufficient products, both brandy and honey were supposed to give each other additional flavors.

With ARARAT Flavor range, I rediscovered brandy production. I used to be against making brandy sweeter or with lower ABV, but over the years it became clear that we should not be constrained by traditions. Tradition should be the basis for new achievements.”

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At the end of the meeting Harutyun Isayan, Business Development Manager of Yerevan Brandy Company, said that ARARAT stands will be installed in the small center of Yerevan in the coming weekend giving an opportunity to buy, taste and discover the rich, nectar and spicy taste of ARARAT Honey both neat and in cocktails.

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