Leonid Parfyonov

Leonid Parfyonov “at last found Armenian wine to his taste”

The well-known Russian journalist, anchor and great wine lover Leonid Parfyonov said that he “has finally found Armenian wine to his taste.”

Parfenov, who recently visited Yerevan to give a lecture, wrote:

“So far, I tried their red plain types - they were not mine, they are too thick. It turns out that there are vineyards on volcanic soils at an altitude of ~1500 and above in the Vayots Dzor region. Therefore, the local Areni variety produces there wine which is not thicker than Gamay (“second Burgundy”). The taste is clear, tannins are light, slightly oily and mineral, the aftertaste is slightly peppery. It is beyond everything! The effect is close to Etna rosso, where the wine is perpendicular to the rest of Sicily.

It is this sample of Areni - Yacoubian-Hobbs (as I understand it, the names of the local owner and foreign technologist) - that they export to Russia, not for cheap.

Image by: Leonid Parfyonov

With the last glass of a bottle brought from Yerevan, I built a still life in the spirit of the old masters: what, in my opinion, to drink it with - duck fillet and cheeses are in priority. Thank you for another expansion of the boundaries of the world of wine!”

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