Don’t Drink and Drive course included in the main curriculum of X-Drive driving school

The Don’t Drink and Drive program, initiated by Yerevan Brandy Company, is now included in the curriculum of X-Drive driving school.

In May 2022, X-Drive held courses on sober driving. The course introduced the dangers and consequences of alcohol consumption while driving. With the materials provided by Yerevan Brandy Company, Don’t Drink and Drive course will now be included in the syllabus of X-Drive school during regular class sessions. With 10,000 alumni per year, the following course will stress the notion of alcohol incompatibility with driving more profoundly.

In the frames of Don’t Drink and Drive, X-Drive has already conducted intense training sessions both in Yerevan and other regions of Armenia.

“Every idea is valued by its followers. Decades ago, Yerevan Brandy Company set the base of responsible alcohol consumption culture. Now, with each passing year, our projects uphold a rich array of new perspectives by engaging new consumers. Our cooperation with X-Drive showcased the following since we manage to bring together new partners thanks to our consistent efforts,” says Eliza Marmaryan, Head of Human Resources.

“It is extremely praiseworthy and exciting to initiate a project on sober driving, especially by a world-famous spirit company. As one of the leading driving schools in Armenia, we are happy to contribute to the project which promotes driving safety. We have high hopes that shortly after the result of our collaborative work will also be apparent in our traffic,” highlights Artashes Stepanyan, Founder of X-Drive Driving School.

By promoting responsible alcohol consumption, Yerevan Brandy Company constantly instantiates various educational programs to spread the idea of the incompatibility of alcohol consumption with driving.

According to Sustainability and Responsibility, Yerevan Brandy Company continues to fight against alcohol abuse, by involving interested parties in this process, which will result in recording tangible changes in the field.

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