Erebuni 50 – new ultra-premium brandy of ARARAT range

The new brandy of Yerevan Brandy Company – Erebuni 50 complements the ultra-premium collection of ARARAT, launched back in 2015 with Erebuni 30.

Taking its name from the ancient Erebuni Fortress, which became the heart of Armenia, Erebuni collection is the quintessence of ARARAT brandies.

This most aged brandy in ARARAT range is a bright, rich and unique chapter in the 130-year-old history of Armenian brandy making.

Eloquent blend of Erebuni 50  is a harmoniоus combination of more than 50 rare spirits, the oldest of which has been kept in the treasury of Yerevan Brandy Company for over 104 years.  Created by the blessings of the sun, Erebuni 50 is a culmination of ARARAT range, since every spirit of the blend is made of endemic Armenian grape varieties grown in the sunny Ararat valley often denoted as a “cradle of life”.

“Erebuni 50-year-old is coming to markets to reinforce the leadership of ARARAT as one of the main premium imported brandies worldwide. ARARAT is strengthening its position in the ultra-premium segment to reveal new unique taste for connoisseurs of Armenian brandies. Erebuni 50 is a blend created with the rarest spirits of the treasury of Yerevan Brandy Company.

Karine Madelrieu

Inspired with the symbol of prosperity - majestic Erebuni Fortress and affluent nature of Armenia, Erebuni 50 is the quintessence of both the heritage and a true passion of the masters. It reveals a new, exceptional facet of ARARAT”, says Karine Madelrieu, Sales & Marketing Director of Yerevan Brandy Company.

Erebuni 50 is presented in a unique decanter, created by French designer Philippe Seys.

“Creating the most suitable frame for such a brandy as Erebuni 50, I was captivated with the idea to newly present authentic symbols of Armenia – obsidian as a symbol of black diamond of Armenian land and sun as a genuine reflection of generosity. This is what I tried to convey in the golden details, which remind the symbolic wings of the ancient gods, whose depictions decorate the bas-reliefs of Erebuni Fortress up to these days. The decanter is made in a minimalistic and yet very eloquent contrast of black and gold”, describes Philippe Seys. 

“Erebuni 50 is the inception of endless discovery. The rich, multi-faceted taste of this brandy is a filigree arabesque, the whole beauty of which can be appreciated only by true connoisseurs. The noble combination of the rarest spirits makes this blend truly unique and gives intense amber color with reflections of mahogany and gold. It characterizes with unmatched bouquet, where the notes of dried apricot, plum and clove are perfectly underlined.

Hamlet Antonyan

Rounded and silky taste is enriched with the waves of toasted hazelnut and chocolate. The long aftertaste of this blend makes the appreciator feel the seal of time - tartness of old oak wood”, tells creator of ARARAT Erebuni 50, Production Director of Yerevan Brandy Company Hamlet Antonyan.

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