Gouroo Club & Garden

Gouroo Club & Garden restaurant is located in the building and outside area of the house of famous architect Varazdat Harutyunyan, which gives the place its special environment.

The restaurant is famous for serving healthy foods.

“Healthy diet is often associated with plain salads, but we want to show that eating healthy can be about restaurant food too,” said Gouroo Club & Garden owner Natalia Antonyan.

The restaurant holds regular wine club days, on which sommelier presents 3-4 wine varieties and corresponding dishes.

Address: 13 Saryan St, Yerevan
Phone: + 374 11 22 20 40
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gourooyerevan/




Lamb Osso Bucco


Rabbit with cognac



Cauliflower with batata pure

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