Artyom Mkrtchyan Image by: Mediamax

Artyom Mkrtchyan recognized Wine Ambassador of the Year

Armenian Sommelier Artyom Mkrtchyan has been recognized the winner of Wine Travel Awards in Ambassador/Ambassador of the Year category.

Wine Travel Awards notes on its website that Artyom Mkrtchyan is the founder of the wine boutique Decant wine shop & tasting room and that he also develops tailored wine and gastro tours in Armenia.

Artyom Mkrtchyan has also compiled more than 25 specialized and tailored wine lists for restaurants and cafés in Armenia, he is the author and co-author of 30 professional articles.

“When asked whether I want to make wine or not, I give a negative answer, because I am not a winemaker. I am interested in presenting what others are making. The winemakers joke that they do not like me, when I ask why, they say: you do not participate in the planting, watering, spraying, harvesting and getting the wine, you just come with your suit on, we pour the wine into your glass, you swirl it, you smell it and say it is good one or, it is not a good one, I will sell it or I will not sell it (laughs - ed.),” Artyom Mkrtchyan said, speaking with GastroVino in November 2022.

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