An inspiring journey through Armenia with Nutella

Traditionally, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, to make it even tastier, you just need to add one ingredient to it - Nutella hazelnut-chocolate spread.

The brand was so inspired by nature, people and incredibly delicious pastries that it created an entire project dedicated to Armenia. On the labels of the limited collection of the jars you can see pictures of inspiring and iconic places of the country: Lake Sevan, villages Voskevaz and Svarants.

To have a productive and impressive day, you need to start it off right! The unique taste of Nutella blends perfectly with the spirit of Armenia, known for its stunning landscapes and warm hospitality. The limited collection of Nutella jars feature landmarks and local bakery delights. Grab a jar of hazelnut-chocolate spread, go for a picnic and create the best memories for the whole family!

Imagine waking up somewhere in Lake Sevan, to the fantastic aroma of fresh matnakash, which complements Nutella perfectly.  As you enjoy every bite, looking at the stunning blue of the lake, the world around you turns into a canvas.

Traditional Armenian lavash, with a layer of hazelnut-chocolate spread, will be the ideal “brduch” for your travels. As you take the cable car down over the picturesque Svarants gorge, every bite will delight you with its delicacy.  It is a great to stop and take a breath from surrounded by the breathtaking high cliffs, impassable canyons and deep gorges ofthe center of Syunik region.

But the journey to beautiful places does not end there. The Nutella Nazuk pair will take you to the next chapter of your adventure through the monuments of Voskevaz and stunning views of Mount Aragats.

This amazing fusion of tastes and culture embodies the brand's essence - to enjoy every moment of life, no matter where you are.

Enjoy the delicate taste of Nutella hazelnut chocolate and let the journey continue.

On the back of the jar you will find a QR code leading to the website with descriptions of places and recipes for baked delights that match with Nutella perfectly. Join the competition by creating your own unique stories for a chance to win many prizes.

How to participate:

•    Start your morning with fresh baked goods with Nutella in incredible places in Armenia and take part in the competition:

•    Purchase a limited collection of pasta and download receipts on the promotion website www.nutella-breakfast.am.

•    Every registered check is drawn once a week, so the more checks you have, the more chances you have to win wonderful prizes, and the main one is a trip to interesting places in Armenia!

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