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Wine Republic suggests marking Independence Day with new Zulal wines

Wine Republic offers marking Armenia’s Independence Day on September 21 with Zulal wines. Wine Republic is going to unveil the new Zulal wines on Monday evening.

Founder of Zulal Wines Aimee Keushguerian has told GastroVino that the presentation is not official and anyone can attend. The event is designed to enable wine lovers to celebrate the Independence Day with new wines.

“We launched two new varieties recently – Zulal Voskehat and Zulal Areni. In cooperation with Wine Republic, we have decided to organize a tasting event so that people can enjoy these new wines on the last warm days of the year,” said Aimee Keushguerian.

In addition, the event will offer Zulal Areni Rose, the variety that was introduced a year ago.

Image by: Zulal

“We created the Zulal project to discover original, rare grape varieties. Contrary to what many others do in winemaking industry, our primary goal is to express the purest qualities of the varieties.

Our Zulal Areni is made entirely of Areni grape variety, Zulal Voskehat – entirely of Voskehat variety. That is why we call it “zulal” – it means “pure” in Armenian, and we want to present the purest qualities of our wines,” added Aimee Keushguerian.

There is more from Zulal Wines: in two months, the company will launch another new variety, Karmir Kot. Zulal is going to hold a range of events to present the wine.

Amalie Khachatryan

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