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Wine Republic adds 10+ new dishes to the menu

Wine Republic Yerevan restaurant has added a range of new dishes to the menu, marking them accordingly for patrons’ notice. A Wine Republic Yerevan representative has talked with GastroVino about the new additions and shared some relevant details about each. 


Vitello tonnato is thinly sliced beef, served with tuna and capers sauce. This dish is served cold before the main course, and the rich and rather large portions come at a reasonable price. 

Vitello tonnato Image by: Wine Republic

“Surf and turf” is about combinations of seafood and red meet. We love using that combo in our dishes, including vitello tonnato.

Shishito peppers are a new main course, also called “bullet peppers” for their small size. 

Salmon carpaccio is a classical dish, we make it with salmon imported from Norway. We add olive oil, capers and coarse salt to the raw fish – and carpaccio is ready. 

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Salmon is the freshest fish in our restaurant: we get new cuts once in a few days. Carpaccio is the best way for us to demonstrate the freshness of the fish.

Our taco set comes in fusion style: salmon, shrim, and tuna wrapped up in tacos. Patrons can order all three types of fish or just one. It is served raw as well, with sauce and avocado mousse.  

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We took the concept of Mexican taco and transformed it with raw food. The author of our new taco set is our own sushi master, Chef Aleksandr Vlassov. 

Frog legs, of course, are a famous French dish. We serve it with garlic mousse. Many people find that frog meat tastes similar to chicken.

Frog legs Image by: Wine Republic


Shrimp salad with kadaif is one of our most curious dishes. We add glass noodles to it, wrap the shrimps in kadaif and fry them. You won’t find anything like it in other restaurants. 

Shrimp salad with kadaif Image by: Mediamax


The fish burger is another novelty we have introduced. We make it with glass noodles, but for the burger, fish is cooked. We used to serve fish burgers before, but we removed them from the menu and introduced something entirely new. We add wasabi to the new tuna burger as well, but it is not too spicy. 

Fish burger Image by: Mediamax


Striploin with foie gras is the most popular new dish in the restaurant. We put sautéed foie gras on the striploin steak and serve it with two types of mushroom – champignons and bark mushrooms. 

Striploin with foie gras Image by: Wine Republic

We served the tune steak in a different way before, now we make it with nori and rice, so it is almost like a nori sandwich. We also put sesame seeds on the steak. 

Tuna steak Image by: Mediamax

We have replaced a salmon dish from the old menu with fresh homemade pappardelle (pasta) with salmon.

Salmon steak and strimploin is another “Surf and turf” combination, served with potato chips. 

Salmon steak and striploin Image by: Wine Republic


Royal Salmon Bouillabaisse is rich and delicious, a type of famous French fish soup. Our version of bouillabaisse was created by Chef Shavarsh Ayvazyan.

Royal Salmon Bouillabaise Image by: Wine Republic

The broth is made from three types of fish, and we also add the head of the salmon and salmon skin chips to the soup. We use curry oil for this bouillabaisse and add some shrimps too, so patrons get “an ocean in a plate”, so to say. The soup is slightly spicy, with dark broth.

Spicy and sour soup is another novelty, created by Chef Mao Shuntao from another restaurant in our chain - Mao Ze Duck.


We have updated this section of the menu as well. The new dishes feature in the Shrimp Fest, which Wine Republic and Asador are holding now. 

Crab claws Image by: Mediamax

Crab claws are brand new on our menu. We serve them with coconut milk, green curry sauce, rice and basil. This dish was created by our Thai Chef Wittaya Tongsodsaeng.

Amalie Khachatryan 

Photos: Wine Republic Yerevan

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