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Wine Republic Yerevan’s team is ready for WCIT 2019

The team of Wine Republic Yerevan has been chosen as the culinary partner of World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) 2019. Over 2000 congress participants from around 70 countries will be fed by the 15-strong Wine Republic team.

The Wine Republic Yerevan’s team is going to work in “emergency mode” to prepare over 20 dishes hailing from different cuisines for the participants of WCIT 2019.

The chefs from Asador, Wine Republic Yerevan, Thaiwine Republic and Mao Ze Duck will be cooking Armenian, Asian and European food.

This is the first time that Wine Republic’s team performs as the partner of such a large event. The company founder Arsen Hovhannisyan has told GastroVino he usually avoids big events, but the offer from WCIT 2019 was too hard to reject. According to Hovhannisyan, it is no easy task or small responsibility to serve timely and at the required level the people who paid significant amounts of money to attend the event.

“You might ask if it wouldn’t be better to serve Armenian dishes, since the congress is hosted in Armenia. Imagine eating dishes of the same cuisine for three days in a row. Doesn’t it get dull? We do offer Armenian dishes, but along with food from other cuisines. I think that is why Wine Republic was chosen as the partner. In fact, the congress participants will have a chance to taste Armenian food, because they have the evening free and so they can take family members out to dine in local restaurants,” Arsen Hovhannisyan said.

Arsen Hovhannisyan Image by: Mediamax

The menu is comprised of dishes that can be prepared quickly without harm to the original taste. The Armenian chefs will be making national dishes such as dolma, traditional meatballs “ishli kufta”, barbeque, summer barbeque and flatbread stuffed with greens and vegetables – “jengyalov hats”. The menu also features Thai dishes such as green curry and Pad Thai, as well as the Uzbek plov (rice and lamb stew) and Chinese dishes with rice and beef. In addition, WCIT participants will be served sushi and seafood sandwiches. Exclusively for this event, Wine Republic Yerevan has imported professional coffee-making equipment and a range of high-quality coffee varieties.

“We tried to put ourselves in the place of the guests, understand what life will be like for them over the three days of the event,” added Arsen Hovhannisyan.

The WCIT 2019 venue will have several meal zones: grill and barbeque, main meals, sandwiches, beverages, coffee.

According to Arsen Hovhannisyan, his team tested the zones and was quite happy with the arrangement.

Around 70-80 employees of Wine Republic Yerevan are going to be involved in serving food to WCIT 2019 participants. They will work in shifts, the restaurants will continue working as usual, and the key staff is to return to their workplace in the evening.

Amalie Khachatryan 

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